Classes by Age


Children are grouped by age and may attend two, three or five days a week. 
Class space is limited and is subject to availability

Older Threes (3.5yrs by Sept. 1)

Our Older Threes class begins to lay the foundation for classroom skills and school-readiness. While still learning through play and fun, children transition to focusing more on academic skills.  Children must be fully potty-trained to be in this class (and beyond).


(4 yrs by Sept. 1)

This hands-on and interactive learning environment fosters further independence, deeper comprehension, and higher thinking skills.  A stimulating High Scope curriculum promotes mastery of academic skills needed for Kindergarten success. 

(2 yrs by Sept. 1)

This introductory class provides a gentle place for our youngest students to learn and grow. Preliminary goals for this class are socialization, language skills, and learning to trust loving caregivers other than family.


Young Threes
(3 yrs by Sept. 1)


Students in this energetic class further develop their independence and the ability to communicate.   Whether they are working on sharing, toileting, or fine-motor skills, school rules!


(5 yrs by Sept. 1)

A challenging integrated curriculum taught by Texas Certified teachers who each have 30+ years experience in RRISD.  This includes engaging instruction in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies and Technology, as well as Fine Arts. Individual goals will be set and continuous progress will be monitored to guarantee success for all students.