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School Board

             St. Richard's Episcopal Preschool and Kindergarten, like any other school, possesses an official Board of Directors.  In addition to supporting our Head of School in achieving academic excellence, the board is also in place to set and maintain policies and govern finances. 


Fr. Cameron Nations- Rector

Shauna Kennerly- Head of School

Emily Flores- Board President/ Parent

Alice McDowell- Secretary/ Church Member

Trisha Brubaker- Treasurer/ Church Member

Pauline Hoehn- Vestry Representative

Elizabeth Petrik- Church Member

Candi Rogers- Church Member

Bonnie Nichols- Parent

Rochelle Perk- Parent

Leah Clark- Parent

Cat Herring- parent

Carly Nations- Parent

Mary Ellen Looger- Parent

Justin Nordhausen- church member

Angie Richardson- Community Member



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