Twos (2 years old by September 1st)               PreK (4 years old by September 1st)   

        Tuesday/ Thursday (2 days)                                Monday-Thursday (4 days)

        Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday (3 days)                   Monday-Friday (5 days)                                Monday – Friday (5 days)

Threes (3 years old by September 1st)              Kindergarten (5 yrs old by Sept. 1st)

        Tuesday/ Thursday (2 days)                                Monday-Friday (5 days)

         Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday (3 days)

         Monday – Friday (5 days)

Tuition Schedule                                         Fee Schedule 

        2-Day                 $288.00/mo.                       Registration Fee: $100/family

        3-Day                 $367.00/mo.                       Supply Fee: $150/child                

        4-Day                 $446.00/mo.                       (Sibling Discount – 10%off/child)              5-Day                 $525.00/mo.                                                        

        Kindergarten   $630.00/mo.                                                            


Registration and Supply Fees are due at registration. 
September tuition will be drafted from your chosen account in June 2022. 
The remainder of monthly tuition fees will be drafted beginning in September 2022 through April 2023.
All fees are non-refundable.


Ages 2 yrs- Kindergarten
8:30am -1:30pm

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